Simple Stripe Payments Module for Wp e-Commerce


Stripe Payments for osCommerceThis plugin is intended for WordPress users who have installed the WP e-Commerce plugin and wish to accept online payments using the Stripe Payments system. It is designed for the user who wishes to accept immediate credit/debit card payments with all the advantages of the Stripe PCI/DSS* compliant encryption plus optional CVV/AVS checking without the complexities (and pricing) of a full blown module.

It is not coded to take advantage of the recurring payments feature of WP e-Commerce Gold Cart nor will it create customer objects at Stripe – it is intended for immediate payments only.


Developed on WordPress version 3.7 and WP e-Commerce v – some earlier versions of WP e-Commerce have a different method of fulfilling orders so this plugin may not work.

Stripe insist that you have an SSL on your site to fully comply with PCI/DSS


WP e-Commerce from should be previously installed.

You should have in your possession the zip file wp-e-commerce-bt-stripe.php which you should install as a normal WordPress plugin file.

Store Admin setup

Go to your WP e-Commerce payments page and you should now see the new module displayed . Click on settings.

Most of the fields are self-explanatory but to enlarge on one or two:

Display Name: the name displayed on the front end to your customers

Keys: These are obtained from your Stripe Account – copy them carefully into the WP Admin.wp-e-commerce-bt-stripe

Card Display: This allows you to decide which cards to display to customers on the front end – it does not provide a filter for card numbers. Your Stripe account may, or may not, allow all of these cards – check your customer agreement with Stripe (e.g. most US accounts will automatically accept AmEx whilst UK accounts need to ask for it to be added) This link may assist.

The order total will be passed to Stripe with the store currency as setup in the WP e-Commerce admin.

Customer operation

Customers proceed through the store in the normal manner and will reach the checkout page where they can select Stripe – doing so will reveal the input fields

(if Stripe is the only payment option being offered then the images are not visible
– that is due to the way that WP e-Commerce is coded)

If an input field is not filled in or contains an error then the module will display a popup warning to your customer:

n.b the wording of these initial warnings are fixed by Stripe – they cannot be edited

After entering their details and clicking the ‘Purchase’ button then the module will utilise the stripe.js file to create a ‘token’ with Stripe – to do so it will use the billing and card details as entered in the checkout.

During this process the card number and CVV are encrypted within your customer’s browser and the encrypted details are used to generate the token at Stripe – so the sensitive card number and CVV never travel across a network link.

Once a token has been obtained from Stripe then the WP e-Commerce order is created with an initial status of ‘Incomplete Sale’ whilst the billing details are sent to Stripe – depending on the response a number of things can happen:

Payment successful:

  • the order status is  changed to ‘Accepted Payment’
  • customer gets redirected to the order ‘success’ page
  • order emails are sent out
  • payment details are recorded under Order Notes in the admin



Processor declined or AVS/CVV failure

  • the order status changes to ‘Payment Declined’
  • customers gets sent back to the checkout page with an error message
  • Full details are recorded under Order Notes in the admin

Please note that AVS and CVV checking for this module should be set at Stripe in your admin settings.

Issues to be aware of

I have orders in my store that seem to be stuck at Incomplete Sale


This will happen if there is some problem with Stripe communicating with either your store server or your WordPress setup – enquire with your hosting company in the first instance.

I have installed the plugin but it is missing from my store admin

Try the following steps:

  • double check the plugin is installed
  • ensure that it is activated
  • verify that you are using WP 3.5.2 or later
  • verify you are using WP e-Commerce or later
  • you may have another plugin or theme that is interfering with module – try switching themes and/or deactivating other plugins.
  • if still missing contact us through and we’ll assist

I have installed the plugin but it is missing from my store front

Make sure you have ticked the checkbox alongside the module name in the store admin.

I have installed the plugin but when I hit the purchase button the checkout page just refreshes

This is probably due to a jQuery conflict or a theme conflict – try changing the WordPress theme, if that does not work then contact us for help.



This plugin was developed  on WordPress version 3.5.2 and WP e-Commerce v by it should work on earlier versions but, ideally, you’ll be using these or greater.

WP e-Commerce is supplied by and is in no way affiliated with will provide free support to customers who have purchased this plugin in connection with the operation of the plugin only – we do not provide free support for WordPress or WP e-Commerce


It is highly recommended that you test your new module in conjunction with the AVS and CVV options available at Stripe – especially if you are selling digital goods. When in sandbox mode the marker shown above will display on the customer checkout page.